RUCOINX Druckfarben at glasstec 2022: New brand logo, familiar proven product quality

RUCOINX Druckfarben at glasstec 2022:
New brand logo, familiar proven product quality

After more than two years, the Eppstein-based printing ink manufacturer RUCOINX is returning to the trade show floor. At glasstec 2022 in Düsseldorf, held from September 20 to 23, the company will be showcasing its portfolio for glass and ceramic decoration (Stand D49-3, Hall 12). For the first time, the new brand logo will be used in public: The previous lettering, RUCO has been extended with the INX logo to RUCOINX, thus showing the company's affiliation to the global Sakata INX Group.

The focus of RUCOINX' presentation at glasstec will be on screen printing inks of the 937LED series for LED drying and universal pad printing inks of the T28 Series.

937LED: Minimization of energy costs, flexibility in processing and impressive design options

The two-component screen printing inks of the 937LED series are RUCOINX' answer to the continuously increasing demand for LED UV drying printing inks. Since the curing method enables further processing of the printed material directly after printing process, significant time savings can be achieved here. In addition, in times of ever rising energy prices, the resulting considerable cost savings due to lower energy requirements are likely to be of particular interest for printing companies. 

Furthermore, the newly developed 937LED screen printing inks - formulated with furture-oriented raw materials - also offer printers a high degree of flexibility. As universally curing inks, 937LED are not only suitable for processing on systems using LED technology, but can also be cured by means of conventional mercury- or iron-doped standard UV lamps. If the printing company has both systems in place, they could therefore also benefit from lower stock-keeping costs.

Regardless of the curing method used, inks of the 937LED series exhibit excellent adhesion to glass, ceramics and metal and have very good resistance to chemicals, water and abrasion. Excellent results are also achieved in terms of dishwasher and freeze resistance.

The inks are equally outstanding with their high opacity and brilliant color. The wide range of basic and spot colors, supplemented by highly opaque white and black formulations, enables impressive decorative options.

T28: Versatile pad printing inks - excellent adhesion an resistance properties

The two-component pad printing series T28 series are the second focus of RUCOINX' trade show appearance at glasstec 2022. The universally applicable, solvent-based inks are ideally suitable for the decoration of glass and metal. Due to their special formulation, the inks cure within 24 hours at room temperature or within only 20 minutes with heat-forced oven drying at 80°C. Here, too, the curing process involves minimal energy costs. The inks are characterized by high flexibility and excellent adhesion immediately after heat drying. They have excellent dishwasher, ice water and freeze resistance as well as very high abrasion resistance.

With a wide range of basic colors, process colors for four-color printing and highly opaque black and white formulations, as well as various special effect colors, the T28 series can be used to create eye-catching, attractive designs.

Safety first

Series 937LED screen printing inks with future-oriented raw materials and T28 pad printing inks are also an excellent choice in terms of safety. Both series are free of phthalates, aromatic solvents, cyclohexanone, barium and bromine. The inks meet current industry standards and comply with the EuPIA exclusion list, the REACH regulation (SVHC) and the GADSL list, as well as the current European standard for toy safety EN 71-3.

Solvent-based inks of the 110GE series for screen and pad printing complete the RUCOINX portfolio for glass and ceramic decoration and will also be on display at glasstec 2022.