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Vorschau_ImagebroschuereRUCO Company brochure

Delivering excellence, creating something exceptional and pursuing extraordinary paths – this aptly describes our business philosophy: the passion for printing inks. 

Responsible Unique Creative Original – RUCO

Zum Broschüren-DownloadRUCO Printing inks for plastic containers

Low-migration ink systems: UV screen printing inks for plastic bottles and plastic tubes; UV flexo printing inks for plastic tubes. Standard ink systems: UV screen printing inks for plastic bottles, plastic tubes, plastic cartridges; UV flexo printing inks for plastic tubes.


Vorschau_TampondruckRUCO Pad printing inks

Pad printing inks for multiple applications: automotive, electronic/household appliances, toys; for glass/metal, untreated polypropylene; for rotary pad printing and for universal use.



 RUCO Printing inks for labels