RUCO Druckfarben at GlassPrint 2017: New ink systems for advanced glass decoration

As in recent years, printing ink specialist RUCO Druckfarben will once again be showcasing its comprehensive product range for glass decoration when the seventh GlassPrint conference and exhibition opens its gates in Düsseldorf, Germany from 29-30 November 2017. A special focus this year will be on the new screen printing ink series 937LED which is suitable for curing by means of LED technology as well as with conventional machines using mercury- or iron-charged standard UV lamps.

937LED: Impressive design opportunities

The demand for LED curing printing inks has been increasing continually for some time now, which is not surprising as this modern technology offers a range of advantages over conventional UV curing. These include both the saving of time and costs, the option of immediate subsequent processing of the printed material and environmentally relevant advantages such as low energy consumption and the elimination of ozone emissions. RUCO’s LED screen printing ink series 937LED allows users to enjoy all these advantages. Printers save valuable time and benefit from maximum process reliability – fully in line with RUCO’s own quality label “Secure in print processing”. And if there are both conventional UV-curing systems as well as machines using LED technology available at the print shop, they will also benefit from simpler procedures in stock-keeping.

Whether cured under standard UV lamps or LED lamps, these two-component inks offer excellent adhesion on glass, ceramics and metal and very good resistance to chemicals, water and abrasion. Outstanding results are also achieved in terms of dishwasher and frost resistance. Due to their high level of reactivity, the new inks also enable high production speeds. In addition to 11 basic colour shades featuring high opacity and colour brilliance, RUCO offers transparent white, high-opacity white and black formu­lations, and a wide range of special-effect inks for metallic, glitter, matt and frost appearances, which opens up a broad spectrum of impressive design opportunities.

T28: Excellent adhesion and resistance properties

Also relatively new to the RUCO portfolio is series T28. Designed for universal use, these versatiletwo-component pad printing inks are ideally suited for the decoration of glass and metal. Due to their special formulation, they cure within 24 hours at room temperature or within 20 minutes at heat-forced conditions of 80°C. The glossy, physically drying and chemically reactive inks satisfy the demand for excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, as well as for high flexibility and feature extremely good adhesion properties.

The series comprises 11 basic colour shades and transparent white and highly opaque white and black formulations. In addition special effect inks are available for achieving attractive designs.