RUCO Druckfarben at K 2019: A focus on environmental compatibility and user friendliness

Printing ink specialist RUCO Druckfarben, based in Eppstein near Frankfurt/Main, Germany, will once again be presenting its innovative range of products for the decoration of all types of plastic materials and products at K 2019 –  the world’s no. 1 trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry, held in Düsseldorf 16-23 October (Hall 4 / Stand B08). A special highlight at the ink manufacturer’s stand will be the screen printing ink series 955LED-LM.

Presented for the first time to the trade public three years ago at K 2016, ink series 955LED-LM is unique on the market still today. It was developed for printing on plastic hollow bodies made of polyolefins, in particular polyethylene tubes. Inks of this series impress with three future-oriented properties: In addition to being low-migration products, they are silicone-free and represent a pure LED curing system. With this unprecedented combination, they set uncontested standards in the field of screen printing inks.

Thanks to its low-migration formulation, 955LEDLM meets the latest requirements of the “Swiss Ordinance SR 817.023.21”, “EuPIA Suitability List of Photoinitiators” and the “Nestlé Guidance Note on Packaging Inks”. Thus, the series is also approved for printing onto the outer surface of plastic packaging for the food and cosmetics industries. The completely silicone-free formulation of the inks makes them ideal to be combined with one another as well as with other ink systems and varnishes, while also allowing for embossing. And finally, series 955LED-LM is a pure LED-curing system, which means that additional UV-curing is not required. However, curing by means of conventional UV technology is still possible, if preferred. Thus, printers profit from a high level of flexibility while also benefitting from favourable processing properties such as excellent flow, high opacity and colour brilliance.

In addition to series 955LED-LM, RUCO will be showcasing other printing inks at K 2019 that meet extremely rigorous demands in terms of environmental compatibility and user friendliness and are all approved for printing on the outer surface of food packaging. These include the following:

Pad printing inks of series T35 were developed especially for the highly sensitive field of ​​toy decoration. These one-component inks meet all the demands specified in the current European safety standard EN 71-3 “Safety of toys – Part 3, Migration of certain elements”. In addition to being free from phthalates, halogens and BPA, they do not contain any cyclohexanone,butyl glycolate or aromatic solvents. The inks feature high elasticity and are suited for extremely high printing speeds.

One- and two-component inks of series T120 are offered by RUCO especially for rotary pad printing. Just like series T35, these inks are free from phthalates, halogens and BPA as well cyclohexanone, butyl glycolate and aromatic solvents. Offering outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance, one of their main fields of application is the high-speed printing of bottle caps made ​​of pretreated polyethylene and polypropylene.

One-and two-component inks of series T200 are trueall-rounders” for universal use. They are suitable for screen printing and pad printing onto a wide range of plastic materials used in the packaging, advertising and home appliances industries. These inks are free from phthalates and BPA as well cyclohexanone, butyl glycolate and aromatic solvents.

Low-migration ink series 085UV-LM was designed particularly for the decoration of cups, buckets and lids made of polyolefins and polystyrene, using UV dry offset printing. These inks offer excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance and enable extremely high printing speeds to be achieved due to their high reactivity. Series 085UV-LM inks adhere to Nestlé standards and are certified as low-migration inks by an independent testing institute.

Visitors to the RUCO stand can look forward to a surprise gift that is sure to convince them of the excellent printing results that can be achieved using the inks on display.