Pad printing - T200 - Automotive

Pad printing - T200 - Automotive
Application fields: automotive sector
Characteristics: formulated free from BPA, phthalate-free, cyclohexanone-free, butyl glycolate-free, free from aromatic solvents, barium-free, fluorine-free, bromine-free, one component ink, two component ink, highly opaque, high gloss, scratch-resistant, abrasion-resistant, universel use, fast drying, physically drying, mechanical and chemical resistance, light-fast, weather resistance, free from organic solvents
Substrates: ABS, Acrylates, lacquered substrates, PA, PC, pretreated PE/PP, pre-treated PET, PS, PVC, rigid, paper / cardboard coated
Product range: basic colours, transparent white, process colours, opaque white, opaque black, silver, gold
Automotive sector Free from phthalates and BPA as well as cyclohexanones, butyl... more

Automotive sector

  • Free from phthalates and BPA as well as cyclohexanones, butyl glycolate, aromatic solvents, barium, fluorine and brom
  • Corresponds to common industrial standards and the

EuPIA Exclusion Policy
REACH regulation (SVHC)
Swiss Ordinance (SR 817.023.21)
Canadian Hazardous Products Act (R.S., c.H-3, s.1.)
USP Medical Class VI (exclusively for color shade black)
GADSL list

  • Meets the criteria of Michigan Testing Institute; can therefore be used for components in the automotive sector
  • Low PAH, category 1 according to AfPS GS 2014:01
  • RoHS compliant (2015/863/EU) // (2011/65/EU)
  • Suitable for printing onto the non-food contact side of packaging
  • Compliant with current the Safty Toys Directive
  • Good mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • Machine speeds up to 4,000 pieces/hour
  • Very high opacity through special pigmentation
  • High light fastness and weather resistance
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